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If you’ve come to this page, you are probably experiencing tooth pain and you’re looking for tooth pain relief in Franklin, TN. We are sure you already know how much tooth pain can interfere with your quality of life, whether you feel a dull ache, your teeth hurt when you eat a hot or cold food, or you’re in severe pain.

If you are going through this experience right now, don’t avoid the dentist. As long as you do, it’s not likely that your tooth pain will go away. Come to Carothers Parkway General Dentistry to stop your tooth pain in its tracks and get dental pain relief in Franklin, TN.

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Causes of Tooth Pain

Beautiful casual woman with toothache. Isolated on white.There are many different problems that could be causing tooth pain. You could have tooth decay, an infection in your gums, or a broken or abscessed tooth. You could have nerve damage, tooth enamel loss or impacted wisdom teeth. Tooth pain might not really have to do with the teeth or gums, but could be caused by grinding your teeth or a sinus infection.

Our Franklin, TN toothache relief specialist, Dr. Lawyer, can help you figure out the cause of your tooth pain. In many cases, you will need treatment to fix the problem so the pain can go away. Ignoring the pain or relying on home remedies won’t stop the pain and can cause the problem to worsen over time.


How to Relieve Tooth Pain

Girl on examination at the dentistWhile you could use over-the-counter treatments for gum or teeth pain relief, these options are only temporary. Pain killers and mouth numbing agents simply focus on easing the pain for short periods of time, but they don’t solve the problem to stop the pain for good. To find real and lasting relief, come see our experienced dentist.

It’s especially important to go to the dentist if you have severe pain, or if your pain doesn’t go away after a couple of days. Also, if you have other symptoms along with the tooth pain, such as an earache or fever, it’s time to see your dentist right away.

Let us know that you’re in pain when you call and we’ll get you in as soon as possible for an appointment.


Toothache Treatment

Smiling young man at dentist's surgery with thumb upIf you’re avoiding the dentist because you’re scared they will pull out your tooth or get out the drill, let us ease your worries. Dental
advances help us treat many dental problems in less serious ways than they might have been treated in the past. We won’t automatically pull out your tooth because it’s painful and we won’t automatically reach for the drill.

Instead, we will assess the cause of your pain and work with you to find the right solution based on your particular situation. Treatment options could range from using a specialty toothpaste for sensitive teeth to a root canal or other procedures depending on the cause. There is no way to know the proper treatment until you have a dentist evaluate your mouth health.


Don’t Wait to Make an Appointment!

Don’t put off making a dental appointment for tooth pain. All you’ll accomplish is dragging out the pain and potentially making the underlying problem worse. Instead, come see our tooth pain expert at Carothers Parkway General Dentistry. We will use our dental expertise, cutting-edge technologies and compassionate care to provide as pain-free a dental experience as possible (both mentally and physically!).

Call our office at (615) 771-7123 so we can get you in for an appointment right away. We will help you get rid of that tooth pain so you can enjoy life again!