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When you need a permanent dental bridge, you want a dental office that can provide top-notch specialized dental care with cutting-edge technology, a commitment to patients and expertise in dental techniques. Carothers Parkway General Dentistry can offer you all of that and more.

Our dentist, Dr. Matt Lawyer, provides dental bridges and other dental treatments with an excellent standard of care. If you need a dental bridge in Franklin, TN and would like to experience a dental office with a strong work ethic and a dentist who believes in treating others the way he would want to be treated, call us today at (615) 771-7123 to make an appointment.

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When Does a Dentist Recommend a Dental Bridge?

You might be asking yourself, what are dental bridges? A dentist might use a dental bridge as a treatment method if you have a missing tooth. The fixed dental bridge remedies this by holding an artificial tooth in the gap, giving you the appearance of a healthy tooth to go along with the rest of your healthy teeth.

There are different types of dental bridges available. With conventional and cantilever bridges, the dentist will cover the teeth on each side of the gap with crowns, which he will attach to the artificial tooth. Alternately, resin-bonded bridges are done a little differently without as much done to the surrounding teeth. Which bridge is best for you depends on an individual diagnosis, which we are more than happy to assist with. Just make an appointment!

You will want to fill the gap in your teeth because it can cause numerous problems to your mouth health. These include:

  • The rest of the teeth moving
  • Your bite changing
  • Impediments to speech
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ
  • Tooth decay and gum disease

And as you probably already know, missing teeth affect the appearance of your smile. So a dental bridge can help fix the appearance to give you the confidence to smile brightly.


How Much Is a Dental Bridge?

If you’re concerned about the cost of a dental bridge, talk to one of our staff members. The cost of a dental bridge can vary based on your individual dental health, the type of bridge being used, whether procedures are necessary for the teeth holding the bridge and other factors. Call us to schedule an evaluation.

At Carothers Parkway General Dentistry, we strive to offer affordable dental bridges to our Franklin, TN patients. We take most dental insurance, so you can call your insurance company to see if it covers a dental bridge procedure. If your insurance does not cover the whole thing or you do not have dental insurance, ask us about our flexible financial options.


Your Local Franklin, TN Dental Bridge Dentist

Carothers Parkway General Dentistry provides an array of dental services, including dental bridges, to Franklin, TN residents. When you come in for dental bridge work, you’ll be seen by our dental bridge specialist, Dr. Matt Lawyer. Dr. Lawyer is an experienced dentist who has had his own practice here in Franklin since 2005.

He believes in doing things a little differently, by offering personalized attention and only recommending treatments if they are 100% in your best interest. He isn’t interested in padding your bill. He treats every patient as he would want to be treated.

Dr. Lawyer is also surrounded by a team of friendly and experienced professionals who follow his beliefs of treating patients in the best way possible. Our office does not overbook ourselves so that you received the individualized care you deserve.


Make an Appointment Today!

Dental bridges are not the only solution for a missing tooth. So come in for an evaluation with Dr. Lawyer so he can determine the best solution for your situation. Whatever the treatment, Carothers Parkway General Dentistry is committed to your dental health. Call (615) 771-7123 to make an appointment.