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Dental cleanings should be a regular part of your health care routine, just like regular checkups with your general doctor and specialists pertaining to your individual situation. These regular dental checkups and cleanings provide preventive care that can maintain your dental hygiene and can discover problems early on, preventing more extensive treatment. The norm is to come in for a checkup and cleaning twice a year, but you might need more visits if you have a problem with your teeth or gums.

Are you looking for general dental care in Franklin, TN? Then come to Carothers Parkway General Dentistry for quality and professional care, cutting-edge technology and a top-notch work ethic. Call today at (615) 771-7123 to make an appointment for a Franklin, TN dental teeth cleaning visit.


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Teeth Cleaning in Franklin, TN

Dental cleanings twice a year can help your mouth stay healthy. Skipping checkups and cleanings can lead to many dental problems, including gum disease, teeth falling out, stained teeth and other problems that affect the way you look and feel.

In addition, your dental health doesn’t just stay in your mouth. Instead, it extends to other parts of your body, so if you neglect your dental health, it can have a negative consequence on your overall health as gum disease has been linked to heart attacks and strokes.

Regular cleanings can take care of plaque before it hardens into tartar on the teeth or leads to gum problems like gingivitis. In addition, checkups can find problem areas before they worsen and turn into more extensive damage. By keeping up with your dental health, you can have an attractive and clean smile, and you can prevent problems before they become difficult and expensive to treat.


How Much Do Dental Cleanings Cost?

If you have dental insurance, it will generally cover two dental checkups and cleanings per year, which can include x-rays. It’s in your best interest to take advantage of your included dental cleanings, since you’re regularly paying for your dental insurance. Also, these checkups and cleanings can prevent you from paying more later for expensive dental procedures caused by letting a problem go unchecked and untreated.

Carothers Parkway General Dentistry accepts most PPOs. If you don’t have dental insurance and you need an affordable teeth cleaning, we offer flexible financial options to help you get your teeth and gums checked and cleaned regularly.


Why Choose Carothers Parkway General Dentistry?

At our dental office, you can expect a higher level of care than you’ll find elsewhere. Our dentist, Dr. Lawyer, focuses on moral business practices and hard work to provide you with care that goes above and beyond your expectations. He uses his experience and knowledge, backed by a DDS from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, to offer quality dental care.

At Carothers Parkway General Dentistry, we want to give you a healthy, happy smile and confidence through that smile. During your visit, Dr. Lawyer and a dental cleaning specialist will professionally clean and check your teeth and gums. If you have any problem areas, we also offer diagnostic dental care to fix them.


Don’t Delay — Make an Appointment Today!

The longer you put off that dental cleaning, the more likely it is that the condition of your mouth health will worsen from plaque buildup. Instead, come in to have your teeth professionally cleaned at Carothers Parkway General Dentistry. You’ll leave with a clean, fresh mouth and an idea of your oral health. Call us today at (615) 771-7123 to make an appointment.